Window type vs Split type Aircon

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There are different types of Air Conditioner Units such as Window type, Split type, Packaged AC, and Central AC. These types of Air Conditioner have their advantages and disadvantages. They also vary in prices. So, if you are planning on buying a new air conditioner this summer, it would be best to be knowledgeable before actually purchasing one. One of the most commonly used air conditioners are window air conditioner or simply window type and Split Air Conditioner or Split type. If you are having a hard time choosing between the two, then here is how they differ from one another:

Type of aircon

Advantages of Window Type Air Conditioner

  •   Easier to Find – Window Type Air Conditioners are popular because they are easier to find in malls.
  •  Cheaper – One of the best advantages of Window AC to Split AC is the price. So, if you prefer cheaper Air Conditioning, then the Window type is the right one for you.
  •  Water drains to the exterior – Window Air Conditioners drains its water from the exterior with no intervention needed.
  •    Sends hot air outside – Another plus feature of Window type AC is that it sends all the hot air outside in exchange for warm air.
  •   Can cool more than one room – If placed properly, Window type ACs can cool more than one room. In fact, even small units can cool 100 – 300 sqft while larger units can cool rooms up to 650 sqft.
  • Saves space – Window type AC do not require a lot of space as it can be placed into wall holes and windows.

Advantages of Split Type Air Conditioner

  •   Versatile – Split Type ACs are easy to maintain and clean. It is also easy to install almost anywhere. All you have to do is look for the perfect specialist who knows how to install the unit properly into your room or office
  • Attractive – Split Air Conditioners nowadays are designed to be attractive and sleek. That’s why they can be easily blended with other decorations. They also save space as it can be mounted on walls.
  • Energy Efficient – Split Air conditioners are known for their efficiency and evenness compare to other AC types. With Split Air conditioners, you cannot just save money but also energy as they only consume small energy.

Picking the right Air Conditioner for you and your family is not that easy as you need to buy the AC that will meet your needs. Before buying one, you need to consider some factors such as home space, versatility, aesthetics, cooling efficiency, electricity consumption, capacity requirements, suitability as well as pricing. To pick the right AC for you, you can also try looking for Florida airconditioning reviews online. We are one of the air conditioning companies in Florida. We provide AC repair such as inverter aircon repair Florida. And we guarantee you that we are the best Florida air conditioning company you’ll ever have. So, hurry and cool down your summer with the best air conditioning service in Florida.


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