Warranty Companies


Warranty Companies

We Know The Warranty Companies We Work With Have Specific Needs Dealing With Millions Of Customers Annually And These Companies Have One Main Goal.

Customer Satisfaction And Honesty.

Acutemp Has Provided Services For Warranty Companies Since 1999 And We Are Proud To Be The “Middleman”.

For The Warranty Companies And Customers Always Doing The Right Thing, Never Sacrificing Honesty, Reliability Or Professionalism In Any Situation For Any Reason Especially Financial Gain.

The Warranty Companies We Proudly Represent And Do Business With Are Of The Utmost Honest And Fair Trying With Us To Ensure Every Customer Is Taken Care Of With The Highest Regards To Time, Reliability And Professionalism At All Times.

Acutemp Covers All Of Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin And Indian River Counties For Our Warranty Companies, We Go Above And Beyond To Ensure They Can Count On Us At All Times For The Best Possible Repairs And Services.

If Acutemp Cannot Repair The Equipment

It simply Cannot Be Repaired !

 Major Parts Have To Be Ordered For Repairing Equipment, It Creates A Delay For Our Customers And In Return This Creates A Delay For Us All.

It Is Irrelevant Whether You Are A Warranty Customer, Residential Customer, Commercial Customer, New Customer Or Existing Customer We Will Do Our Best To Escalate The Process To Ensure Your Satisfaction Is Met

Please Remember, We Did Not Make Your Equipment And We Do Not Control How The Manufacturer Distributes The Parts, However, Together With Our Warranty Partners We Strive To Get The Necessary Parts As Fast As Possible And Get Them Installed For You