Top 3 Reasons Why Air-Conditioner Freezes Up

Who doesn’t have an air conditioning unit? Almost every homeowner and business owner across Florida wants to find the HVAC Repair & Installation Service Provider whom they can trust. We all love our cooling systems, especially when spring and summer comes. It makes our home the oasis of comfort. But there are instances wherein bad things happen. Do you have air conditioner that has been with you for quite some time now? It might have served you enough years, bringing comfort and well-deserved coolness to you home/commercial building. But it doesn’t mean they can last long without even encountering a single breakdown issue.

Various causes can make HVAC act up or freeze up the functionality of your air conditioner. This can initially create panic particularly when it breaks down in the middle of a hot summer night. It will surely be upsetting and disheartening but a person mustn’t simply wait and expect for it. Instead, it is important to take precautionary measures before the problem actually occur. Once you noticed that your AC isn’t producing the same quality of cool air as it normally do, it is a sign for you to have it check and hire a professional to handle the job!



What Causes Your Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

Not everyone can actually determine what’s wrong with their air conditioning unit and that is understandable. That is what HVAC Repair & Installation Companies are here for! But keep in mind that not all can deliver high-quality service you ought to have. At the end of the day, you get upset over a second-rate service you’ve experience. With that being said, it is necessary to make good judgements in understanding what type of service you need in order to have at least basic knowledge in deciding what’s happening inside your beloved AC.
Before you spend a day Google searching with the keyword “air conditioner repair near me”, let us share you quick guide in getting to know what went wrong with your air conditioning unit for it to freeze up on you.

The Culprits Behind Your AC Freeze-Up Problem

Though you can easily call for ac repair companies to help you fix it right away, it is still helpful to know the culprits that caused the breakdown of your air conditioner. That way, it will be easier for you to take the first step of solution and wait till your ac repair partner come and completely fix your ac. Here are some of the possible causes of freezing air conditioner you have to consider when looking at the problem at hand.


Culprit #1: Restricted Airflow

Sometimes the exchange of thermal energy between air conditioner and the room is restricted. That is why, when it happens the cool air continues to stay on the thermal coil and it causes temperature drop around it. As a result, the water turns to ice and as it builds up it eventually causes the air conditioner to freeze up.


Culprit #2: Low Refrigerant

Do you notice some leakage on your ac? Leakage can cause temperature drop in the refrigerant system. It may potentially lead to the decrease in the saturation point of the temperature.
To simplify the explanation, the operating temperature of the cooling coils has dropped compared to its original design. The lower temperature causes moisture and quickly becomes ice on the evaporator if it goes below 32F.
When you can see some ice forming on the evaporator, turn off your ac and wait for the ice to melt. However, it may take hours to melt. In order to speed up the melting process, turn on the air conditioner using the fan mode but ensure that the compressor is off. Always monitor the water to avoid overflowing which may cause furniture damage or to other electrical items. A low refrigerant problem can only be solved by a professional ac repair service provider and qualified technicians so make sure to hire the right one.

Culprit #3: Low Outdoor Temperature

This is another factor that may cause problem to your air conditioning unit. Actually, it is often considered to be a simple aspect and usually disregard by most homeowners and business owners with AC. But the truth is, a person shouldn’t let the low quality of the temperature outside the ac unit be unnoticed.
The first thing to try when testing it out, is by setting the air conditioner to run in fan mode only. In addition, you can also open the windows to ventilate your house.

How ACUTEMP AC Repair & Installation Service Solves the Problem

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