Residential Home Service


Our team at Acutemp Air Conditioning has been helping homeowners in the Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Stuart areas. We have been the trusted local Air Conditioning contractor for both Residential AC Repairs as well as Commercial AC Installs. The AC Experts at Acutemp will quickly troubleshoot, repair, and test for quality your residential ac issues. With Acutemp, a Broken AC unit will only be something of a night terror, not real life! If you are experiencing problems with your AC Unit in the house, call us today!

Service We Offer For Residential Areas

> Air filters
Custom Air Filters is becoming very popular with some households. Family’s with allergies really appreciate our Air Filter Quarterly service. Call us today to discuss our Air Filter program!

> AC Repair
Most of our residential calls are for AC Repairs of some sort. There is a lot of things that can go wrong with an air conditioner. It is important to hire a trusted local HVAC contractor because if the job is not done properly, it can cost you exponentially more money to have it fixed the right way.

> AC Installation
Upgrading an older model air conditioning unit can be a very responsible move. The electricity needed to run old AC units can surpass 1/3rd of the entire electric bill! When you upgrade to a new unit, there is tax deductions as well as significant gains in electricity efficiency.

AC Maintenance
The key to a properly functioning air conditioning unit is definitely routine maintenance. It is important to understand that our certified HVAC technicians can spot problems that can cause additional problems down the road. Routine maintenance helps avoid any unexpected system failure. Get your AC Tune Up today, before it gets hot and before your holidays are coming up