Reliable Ac

A reliable ac starts with the home owner and the decisions he or she may make and the ac tune ups or ac maintenance combined

If you are having you ac tuned up, you are already paying the service fee and labor why not replace all of the key parts that help the unit run at peak performance

All ac systems share one thing in common and that is they use multiple parts to allow several parts to run to remove heat while these parts turn on and off consistently about 18 to 29 times a day in sunny South Florida so these parts are worn out in a short amount of time causing higher amperage during start up, costing more electricity to run and there is no reason for this

There is no way to install a part in an ac unit and expect the unit to be reliable for many years to come however, replacing multiple key parts at one time ensures the chances of reliability are much higher and you can save on several more break downs later by investing in your system today

Refrigeration is the main roll of all air conditioning systems, removing heat is actually what the system does, not blow cold air and if the refrigeration drier, refrigeration lines, refrigeration coils weather copper or aluminum leak then the compressor runs without freon which is the only things that keeps the compressor cools with the help of a fan

If air conditioning is mandatory in your home due to medical reasons, you may want to consider hiring an experienced, trustworthy ac company to replace your relays and motor in your units every two years at one time while performing the tune up or maintenance

The key to reliable air conditioning is replacing the parts before they short out preventing the expensive parts like compressors and motors from failing especially since the average compressor replacement for a home cost $1,200.00 upward to $2, 900.00 depending on size and speeds associated with the unit

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