Quick and Easy Tips for Your AC to Be Ready for the Summer Heat!

The summer heat is kicking in and the blazing sun can bring both fun and some few aggravating moments. One of the main concerns for most people is getting extra sweaty, sticky and hot even though a fun day out at the beach is really tempting.

As a matter of fact, and upon checking the ever-changing statistics on how populated a beach is (no matter where it is across the globe), people never miss the chance to enjoy summer. But it also can’t hide the fact how many are googling “ac companies near me” in order to find the air condition service that can help them out in keeping their ac ready for the summer heat!

We do have various routines for health and beauty purposes before going out to laze under the sun. And that makes it easier for us to be forgetful on other important things we have to be keen about. So in order to help you out, we have gathered the top reminders for air conditioning maintenance, home cooling tips, and cost-saving suggestions!


How to Secure Your AC during Summer

We know how hard it is to keep your head cool and your home comfortable whenever it is summer. Curbing your electric bill is one of the factors that can make your head extra hot with worry.

But it is possible to lessen the stress over the bills you have to pay and still get the comfort you want whenever your senses are being attacked by the hotness of the season.

Here are some of the effective ways of keeping your air conditioning unit well-maintain so it can run smoothly even when the summer heat is in full-blast.


Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Home Cooling Reminders

Tip #1: Be Always Ready By Cleaning Ahead of Time

It is an important and wise action to be prepared ahead of time in order to ensure that you’ll be able to avail the quality air and coolness you need all throughout summer time. Setting regular check-ups for your ac unit is necessary, but it would be very much ideal to exert extra care right after winter and before the summer comes in.

It is quite obvious how any type of HVAC can catch dust, debris or any impurities that may cause it to malfunction. You can try cleaning your ac by deep cleaning it with a brush. Carefully scrub off the unit by using a plastic bristle brush. However, for a thorough and secure cleaning, there is no better than asking for assistance from professionals.


Tip #2: Setting the Thermostat Right which allows you to Save More Energy.

For most US homes, a larger percentage of the household electric bill is a result of the high demand in using air conditioning against the arid climate. According to Direct Energy, the ideal daytime temperature is within the range of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit while for nighttime, the ideal would be in between of 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it is summer, it is recommended to set your air conditioner at one degree warmer than you normally use to have. It is for the purpose of cutting the costs of about 10%. However, don’t sacrifice your comfort. You can set the thermostat of your air condition unit to 75 or 78 degrees if you can handle it fairly and comfortably.


Tip #3: Adding an In-Line Duct Booster to Even Out the Cooling for All Rooms.

There are times you’ll notice how there are a few rooms that don’t seem to have the same coolness just like the other. In order to ensure that there will be no single room hotter than the rest, you can try adding an in-line duct or vent booster.

This solution will allow the coolness to spread evenly and increase the flow of cool air into the entire room along with the adjacent ones. However, make sure that you ask for your AC Company Service Provider for recommendations that will ideally match with your cooling system model.


Tip #4: Know the Summer Check-up Checklist to Assess your Air Condition and other HVAC system units.

For the warm season, knowing the things you have to inspect with your air conditioner will save you not just from the heat but also for costly repairs too! This handy checklist would be a great way to assess the condition of your ac:

  • Air-filter must be well-maintained. Look out for threats of dirt, dust, pollen or any other particles. Have it fixed or replaced right away in case the need arises. If not regularly check, it will slow down the flow of air.  
  • Ac-vents are clean and in good shape. Don’t forget to wipe the louvers that mostly cover the opening of your air conditioning vents. Other than dust, please keep an eye for black fuzz as this could be a sign of mold.
  • Never disregard insulation. You must check the insulation, whether it may be in ceilings or walls. It is because damaged or rotted insulation can affect air condition unit’s efficiency. So securing better insulation can give you a better chance of maintaining the cool air flow.
  • A strange noise is always a sign of warning. No matter what size, all kind of HVAC should run smoothly and pretty quietly. You mustn’t hear any clanging, banging or any other unusual sound. In case you hear any of these noises, then do not hesitate to call in the professional AC Service Company.


Tip #5:  You Are Not Alone. Let a Trustworthy AC Repair Service Company Assist You.

Doing things by yourself is all good and nice. But please keep in mind that there are particular things you have to ask for professional help.

If you wish to avoid any rip-off schemes due to what seem to be overly priced service rates, you can actually find a trustworthy service provider. What even more good news is that ACUTEMPT AC, Florida’s finest AC Company can offer not just the best service you deserve but also at the most affordable prices possible!


Benefits of having a trustworthy AC Company and Florida’s #1 Air Condition Service Provider


The temperature definitely increases when its summer and downplaying the heat as much as possible would be a great need for all types of people.  

  1. Extreme heat can have negative effects on health, physical capabilities as well as the mental health of an individual. That is why ACUTEMPT AC will provide the solutions you need to create a comfortable home and work environment with just the right temperature to live life and enjoy it to the fullest.
  2. With ACUTEMPT AC by your side, you can easily have a trustworthy confidante who can help you out with AC Repair service, installation problems as well as maintenance. You deserve to have less stress by experiencing the best service you ought to have and of course, at the most affordable service rates possible!
  3. Cost-saving is one of the reasons why most people try to fix and install Air conditioning unit by themselves. But the truth is, there’s no better way than hiring certified professionals rather than going for the DIY route; because it can potentially do more harm. So why not let the experts handle it. With ACUTEMPT AC, the leading Air Conditioning Company Florida, your trust is well-valued and placed in capable hands.

Get in touch with our team of AC experts and maintenance personnel through our friendly and 24/7 Customer Hotline. You can easily tell us what’s troubling you and we’ll get it fixed in no time! No need to spend all day googling “ac companies near me” when the Best AC Company is actually near than you expect! Call us today to know more.

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