How to Reduce your Cooling Costs this Summer

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Cooling your house or apartment during summer can be expensive, but no worries because we have prepared some useful tips you can use to lessen your cooling costs. Just keep on reading until the end to find out how.


  • Use a ceiling fan or other circulating fan – One of the best way to make your room feel six or about seven degrees cooler is by using a wind-chill effect. If you are using an air conditioner, you can use a ceiling fan to disperse cooled air more efficiently and raise the thermostat by as much as four degrees, with little or no discomfort. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your ceiling fan to boost the cold air into your room.


  • Run your AC more economically – Another way to save money during summer is by setting your AC as high as is comfortably possible as well as using a programmable thermostat to increase the temperature when you’re out, or asleep. So, start setting your AC’s thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF to lessen your electric bill.


  • Maintain cooling systems – Using an energy-efficient AC and installing a programmable thermostat is not enough to lessen your power consumption and your monthly energy bill. You also have to take proper care of your equipment to reduce your cooling costs. Dirty AC filters block airflow which makes the unit to work harder to cool your home. So, be sure to cleaning and/or replace the filters once per month to lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. If you have a central cooling system, be sure that floor registers aren’t blocked with dust or furniture. Ensure to clean the unit’s evaporator and condenser coils which can be located outside.


  • Avoid heat buildup during the day – To lessen your cooling costs, you should avoid heat buildup during the day. So, try to eschew activities that generate a lot of heat, such as cooking on the stovetop and using the dishwasher or clothes dryer. Instead, use the microwave for cooking food or grill it outside. You can also try washing the dishes by hand and letting them air-dry and hanging clothes on a clothesline. Also, avoid using computers, stereos, and TVs as they are a big heat-generators. By simple avoidance, you’ll save money on electricity.


  • Close curtains, blinds, and shades – One way to prevent heat build-up to your room is by closing curtains, blinds, and shades. Doing this can reduce the heat gain by around 45%. In addition, you can also try to use light-colored treatments. Why? Because the lighter the hue, the more they’ll deflect the sun’s scorching rays. You can also try to consider using insulated and/or reflective shades. Doing all of these can definitely help you save you money come heating season.


Summer can be totally melting. So, follow these tips to save money and lessen your power consumption. Use these useful tricks to help your air conditioner on keeping your room cool and comfortable.


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