Aircon Troubleshooting Guide for Dummies

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The air conditioner is one of the most commonly used appliances at home as well as offices. But what if it suddenly stopped working in a scorching hot afternoon? Well, here are some air conditioner problems and solutions for you. This guide we provide will help you diagnose the problem of your air conditioner, so keep reading to know how. But before we proceed, here are some of the Aircon common problems you might encounter.

  • Not working AC
  • Air Conditioner not cooling
  • Water leaks from the air conditioner
  • Strange noises from the air conditioner
  • AC won’t turn on

So, how do we solve and troubleshoot these problems? Here is how:

  1. Check if the air conditioner is on – Before you call and ask for help on a repairman, here is what you should do. First, check if the AC is turned on and plugged, if it is plugged properly and still won’t turn on, then maybe it is due to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. The tripped circuit breaker must be reset while blown fuse should be replaced.
  2. Check if the thermostat – If your air conditioner is not cooling the room but is running, check the thermostat if it is set on cool. If your thermostat is set to lowest temperature setting and still not working properly, then call for a professional technician. Why? Because some thermostats need to be recalibrated.
  3. Check the filter – One of the main reason why air conditioner cannot cool a room is a clogged filter. Clogged filters prevent the airflow which decreases its efficiency and cooling ability. If your air conditioner is constantly running, then monthly changing of filters is recommended.
  4. Inspect Condenser – If your Air Conditioner Unit is shutting off repeatedly, then it could be due to dirty and clogged condenser and evaporator. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator will resolve the problem.
  5. Clean the Evaporator – If you think your AC is not producing enough cooling, then one possible cause of this is a dirty evaporator. Try cleaning it to see if it will fix your problem.
  6. Check the Capacitor and Contractor in the Compressor – Another reason why AC refuses to work at all is due to broken capacitor and contractor in the compressor. Check if these components are working properly.
  7. Look for ice that formed – One reason why Air Conditioners do not produce enough cooling is due to the buildup of ice into the coils. To solve this, turn on the power and fan the AC to melt it.

Air conditioners are widely used appliance, especially during summer time. And these tips will surely help you out in troubleshooting AC in home. However, some AC problems might require some help from an air conditioning service. So, if you are looking for an Aircon Technician Florida, then pick Acutempair Conditioning. We offer the best Florida home air conditioning you can ever experience. Don’t miss your chance out and let us do the job smoothly.

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