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Now you can purify the air in your home or office while cooling at the same time with no additional effort!

Ac ducts and clean indoor air are one of the most overlooked problems in South Florida, where our air conditioning systems turn on in the summer approximately twelve (12) to eighteen (18) times each day, they run longer on weekends especially during events with family and friends

Make sure you always get your air ducts cleaned! Acutemp air conditioning offers the best air duct cleaning in port st lucie

Air conditioning is one of the most used appliances in every home or office. It cools the home or business and offers comfort for everyone. However, through time and daily usage, our air conditioning units may tend to be vulnerable to threats of wear which makes it easy to malfunction and break down.

Did you know the main responsibility of air handler, the inside part of your ac system (or evaporator part of your package unit outside) is to remove water (humidity) along with heat from your indoor air which is how air conditioning actually works making the air cooler with less heat, less humidity? While removing this water and heat from the air, we create a high, humid atmosphere inside the cabinet where mold, viruses and bacteria breed as they accelerate through the insulation, cabinet and parts in the GREEN LIVE STATE until they reach the attic or heat where mold typically dies due to the heat turning BLACK!

We have the knowledge and advanced, modern technology to reduce all of these things  inside your cabinet along with special filtration to reduce sinus issues as well before these things are sent through your home or office from one room to the other.

A properly set up ac system by Acutemp Air Conditioning can reduce mold, reduce viruses from colds and help relieve large amounts of sinus issues before this air is sent through your duct system from one room to the next called cross contamination which occurs in all homes and offices.

Taking for granted the necessity of air conditioning maintenance and cleaning in South Florida could lead to loss of the functionality and reliability of your AC system. All air conditioning systems, if not maintained or treated properly, may reach their limit and your air conditioning unit is not an exemption. Ac systems have many, many parts that wear or break down from regular use with more wear in warmer weather, our salt air and moreover the hot summers with the smothering, thick humidity in South Florida.

If you notice a malfunction on your Ac like leaking around the ac system, humid air, noisy sounds or the ac is not cooling properly anymore, it is best if you look for a reliable AC Repair Company who can provide high quality service from certified professionals. Don’t delay, call Acutemp Air Conditioning today Toll Free by touching this toll free blue phone number on your cell phone  855-577-COOL.

Call today to resolve the current issue together and help avoid any further potential damage and receive a free service call with any repair.

You’ll save more time and money if you have a certified technician give proper care to your Ac system along with fast action when sudden problem arise. So why not have it fixed by the experts at Acutemp Air Conditioning today

Acutemp Air Conditioning is the leading ac repair company serving the South Florida area for over thirty years!

Don’t wait until you suffer from hot nights, stop suffering from ac related sinus issues  because your ac is not set up properly, lacks today’s advanced sinus, virus, and mold reduction products or is simply not working. Trust the real professionals who truly care for you, your home and business. Unlike any other company, Acutemp Air Conditioning will have it fixed right away! We’ll check the root cause of why your ac is broken, effectively handle the problem and will give you tips on how you can take care of your ac to avoid further damage.

Acutemp is The Ac Repair Team You Can Count On!

Not all Ac Repair Companies are managed equally, most are all about the money, some focus on response times but lack the knowledge in the industry, some claim to give you the best AC Repair Service but Acutemp actually delivers service, knowledge and reliability because our company takes care of our employees and we do not have to lie to our customers creating additional, false diagnoses for the almighty dollar. Call the right Ac Repair company the first time and allow us to  provide you with the most reliable, professional, high quality workmanship and parts while adding you to the list of very happy customers. We value honest service and there is nothing we can not fix or replace for you! As the leading South Florida AC Repair company, you can put your trust in Acutemp Air Conditioning without worries! At Acutemp Air Conditioning, we do repairs, service, sinus, mold, virus reduction and new installations right. Rest assured you will have your Ac back to its full performance and you will be delighted with your new high quality Ac system that leaves other systems in the heat. Call us or press this BLUE Toll Free number from your cell phone now 855-577-COOL

We understand in South Florida, your Ac system is probably the most used and important appliances in your home or business and we understand you want to keep it running efficiently. If you are not comfortable checking the system, hire an Ac repair team and the professionals at

Acutemp Air Conditioning. There are many AC Repair companies out there, it is still a struggle for homeowners as well as commercial business owners when it comes to choosing the right ac company and we offer all customers a free service call with any repair

Are you wondering how you can determine the real experts among the phony ones with empty promises? You are not alone, In times of emergency when the heat is on, wondering if you picked the right ac company is not an option, you need honesty, reliability and consistency NOW without gambling on who you are allowing into your home or is the technician going to show up and if he does will he be honest with you

Here are some tips that could help you make the right decision on seeking and hiring the best Ac Repair Company!

  • Find the best Ac Repair Company nearest  your area and Acutemp has local, certified, honest technicians local in the South Florida Counties like Broward, Palm beach, Saint Lucie and Indian River to help make you experience fast, pain and worry free
  • The closer the ac repair technician is the more convenient. However, not all companies near you are the best choice so be mindful when choosing. When your Ac is broken, it can cause discomfort to you and your family. It is best if you can have your ac repaired as soon as possible yet also saving sometimes hundreds for an honest diagnosis, honest repair with quality parts
  • Check for the AC Repair’s website and Google reviews.
  • Get to Know your company, are they insured? Are they licensed? How many years have they been in the industry? The Google testimonials from their customers matter too!
  • Check the Ac repair solutions they can provide. What could be the cause of your Ac problem? What made it malfunction? Do they offer multiple discounts on parts while at your home? remember, your Ac system starts 12 to 18 times each day depending on the ambient temperature and humidity levels outside so replacing multiple parts at once will increase your reliability, its common sense
  • Your service bill during the repair with multiple parts being replaced will reflect higher costs now however, you will not have multiple parts breaking down on several occasions which saves you future time, money and creates a more reliable environment for you and your loved ones each year so call today to schedule your tune up  by pressing our toll free number 855-577-COOL 
  • We are your current and future honest, Ac Repair Team. Call Acutemp Air, your chosen Ac Repair company and enjoy more comfort, honest repairs with cleaner air for you and your loved ones to enjoy. With the way we assist our customers, you can evaluate how accommodating and helpful we are in both professional service and knowledge in the field. never hesitate to check a companies past completed jobs and the customers testimonials on Google. Honest and sincere Ac Repair companies must prioritize not just your needs but also get to understand your specific issues in order to give you transparent advice on what they can offer you rather than just telling you how much and at Acutemp Air, we set our goals for honesty, reliability and keeping our customers for the long road ahead
  • Always find an ac repair team known for its honesty. A good ac repair company will explain to you the root cause why your ac is broken, they will lay-out an action plan and give honest advice of what actions are necessary to complete the repair at hand and offer multi-parts discounts to help you avoid future break downs. Our work will speak for itself, we do not have to sell our company to you, we have been in South Florida for over thirty years. Beware of the Ac repair companies that sound too good to be true with $29.00 ac tune ups that does not even cover the cost of fuel, insurance or the technicians time, these are scams to get into your front door and sell you new systems you do not need. Save yourself the rolling of the dice and call Acutemp Toll Free by pressing this button from your cell phone 855-577-COOL

A broken Ac is indeed frustrating, especially when it is summer time and the humidity is soaring, it is hot and sticky, everyone in the home or business is frustrated and uncomfortable and now is NOT the time to gamble on a choice for an honest, reliable Ac company, make the right decision the first time with Acutemp Air Conditioning

Having your Ac repaired means you will spend money, time and patience so do it once not twice and pay for an honest repair while not being taken advantage of with bait and switch low cost advertisement scams and remember what starts off dishonest ends up dishonest so if the price is too low to get in the door you will be paying large in the end

It is only common sense to hire the honest, reliable professionals at Acutemp Air Conditioning to help you with your repairs now and new installations later. We have all the professionals you need at Acutemp Air Conditioning, we have been servicing every customer and client for both residential and commercial for over thirty years with an unparalleled quality of customer satisfaction

when it comes to the standard of being the best Ac Repair Service, look no further! If you are looking for the perfect solution to have your air conditioning repaired immediately, call us at Acutemp Air Conditioning and meet your future Ac team  100% guaranteed reliable Ac Repair Service! Press this blue Toll Free number below now and schedule your AC Repair or Air Purification appointment  855-577-COOL

Known as the best Ac Company in South Florida

The Acutemp AC Team is the most trusted Ac repair company in South Florida.       We have the license to operate while being backed up with unbeatable experience, extensive knowledge and top-of-the-line technicians that follow professional standards with the most advanced up to date tools in order to provide an excellent customer experience dialing in your Ac system to unleash its full potential. Most of all, we are honest, insured and we value all of our customers. We offer multi-parts discounts and always deliver excellent HVAC service to our clients at home or office

We are not just an ordinary HVAC company, we strive for your future business not trying to get as much money as we can, there is more to being “elite” than collecting payments  and we truly care about you, our current and future customers

Air conditioning problems will give you higher utility bills, uncomfortable nights, and stressful hot days and with Acutemp Air, there is no need to worry if the technician will show up or if he shows up, will he make the right decisions for your benefit! Acutemp Air Conditioning’s AC Team has all the requirements to make your home or office energy efficient, produce cleaner air, reduce sinus issues and we are highly capable of not only fixing your air conditioning now but we can bring back its functionality while ensuring the repair enables you to feel good about your choices with us for all of your future needs

Are you afraid that you might get the same issue all over again? The reason is because of the quality of services you have had in the past with other companies. If the Ac Repair company you’ve initially hired had given you substandard service, why roll the dice again, call Acutemp Air Conditioning ONCE by pressing this Toll Free blue phone number on your cell phone now 855-577-COOL

You will definitely have ONE Ac company you can count on for Ac repairs, sinus relief, mold and virus reduction along with very fair pricing all in one package. Call Acutemp Air, relax from the fear of repetitive service calls because of the same issue other companies can not figure out. Don’t fall for the cheap service ads because in the long run it will be more expensive, cost you more time and shorten your current Ac systems life expectancy running low on freon or half way worn out parts.

With  Acutemp Air by your side, no need to worry, no need to stress wondering if the technician will show or if the company will make an experienced, honest diagnosis, we deliver quality and excellent service with great pricing because we value our customers today so our customers value us tomorrow!

We will give you an honest evaluation, expert advice giving you the power to decide if you want to invest in just today’s repair or invest in today’s repair while also replacing some of the most common parts at discounted pricing reducing the possibility for another potential break down.

Acutemp Air will offer you the right Ac repair solution now at fair pricing without any hidden charges or scams.

Our well trained and professional Ac repair team will offer you the best repair solution today while trying to avoid buying a new system unless the cost ratio of the repair with old worn out parts and coils simply out weighs today’s newest technology, longer warranties, lower electric bills and increased reliability

We do everything in our power to avoid replacing any system in good running shape that may have the potential to last several more years

Make sure you always get your air ducts cleaned! Acutemp air conditioning offers the best air duct cleaning in port st lucie


If your Air Conditioning suddenly stops or you notice it is not working to it’s full potential, simply call us and relax, we will offer you affordable repair options that fit your budget

Acutemp Air is South Florida’s best, most reliable and honest Ac Repair Service!

We handle Ac repairs with a fast response time, honest diagnosis and honest pricing to help reduce your problems today and eliminate other future potential problems tomorrow saving you another service call, wasted time and higher parts costs later

So contact us today and receive a free Ac service call with any repair


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