Clean Cold Air

;There is a difference between air conditioning and clean, cold air conditioning with Acutemp Air Conditioning being one of the leaders right here in sunny South Florida

The air entering the evaporator unit from the return grill, travels through a set of evaporator coils, the unit itself is designed to remove water and heat from the air thus lowering the temperature of the air with the goal of being the lowest temperature with reduced humidity as possible

When water is removed from the air the humidity from this water enables the growth of bacteria and certain molds to start inside the units cabinet, wiring harnesses, insulation and parts with this growth continuing usually in a green “LIVE” state until it reaches the attic heat where it turns black and dies for you and your family to breathe

At Acutemp Air Conditioning, we have the resources, knowledge and technicians who can evaluate your exact situation and lifestyle allowing us to install the right products for the right job and Acutemp Air also specializes in allergy sinus reduction kits that lower the amount of allergies being transmitted throughout the home

Homes with certain odors from smoke or pets can breathe better since Acutemp can control up to 95 percent of the odors entering your unit to be transmitted throughout the home

Clean, cold air is achievable in your home or business

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