Clean Air

The air in the home or business is drawn into the evaporator section of your ac unit through a grill, then the air moved through a set of evaporator coils at which point the heat and humidity is removed from this air then sent throughout the entire duct system to enter any and all areas of the home or business

During the process of removing the humidity (water) from the air, the humidity is now inside the cabinet causing a high humid condition that causes growth of several types of mold and bacteria that form usually in the “live” green state and spread throughout the cabinet making its way towards the duct work where the heat from the attic typically turns the bacteria, mold and viruses black which is sent throughout the homes or business for everyone to breathe

This process can be dramatically reduced with the proper equipment, equipment placement, knowledge and experience you have come to count on with Acutemp Air Conditioning and Appliances Inc and our team of incredible technicians

Call your clean air experts today at Acutemp Air Conditioning and take advantage of one of our many specials like a free service call with any repair, free mold /growth reduction kit with a new qualified complete ac system installation, a free maintenance with the purchase of a bio-sponge sinus reduction filter kit

Air conditioning in South Florida does not have to feel damp, humid and spread viruses, bacteria and growth throughout your home in mass quantities, you can control your air and improve your families health today with the right set up by the most relied upon ac company in South Florida

We have solutions for sinus problems, certain types of viruses, mold, bacteria growth and higher humidity areas as well as hot spots in most homes with attic access so call Acutemp Air Conditioning today and lets lower the viruses, bacteria and growth that spreads throughout the home or business addressing everything at the source

With over twenty years in business taking care of both residential homes and commercial business offices Acutemp has the experience you can count on

Call Toll free 855-577-COOL

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