Blower Assemblies

Blower assemblies are very important being one of the key parts in moving air across the evaporator coils, removing heat from this air which once again enters the home or business much cooler then it enters and blower assemblies play a roll in your electric bill

Blower assemblies must be kept clean to perform properly, blower assemblies have “half moon” shaped blades that collect, move the air and  move the air at a certain speed and volume

If the blower assemblies become impacted from lack of filter changes, pet hair or any type of debris, the amount of air being moved will be less, the head pressures inside the system rise placing more pressure on the system every time it starts drawing more amperage and costing more money to start with longer run times

If your blower assembly is impacted, chances are your evaporator coils are impacted as well and both need to be pulled and cleaned properly at the same time which should yield you as a consumer a discount

The proper way to clean the blower assemblies is to pull them, just like cleaning the evaporator coils and trying to clean these parts in place not only yields less results if debris is left behind on part of the blower assemblies, the blower assemblies will become off balanced, start to vibrate wearing out the bearings prematurely on the evaporator motor which will turn into a $400.00 replacement upward to $1,600.00 replacement depending on the motor cost, motor type, speeds associated with the motor and location of the air handler or blower assembly in question

Cleaning an evaporator coil or blower assembly in place should only be done in rare situations, it is very important these parts remain clean for proper balance, proper performance to keep your system not only cooling properly but to keep your electric bill and repair costs as low as possible

The air entering these blower assemblies is the same air being distributed throughout the system and this air can be sent from the filter through the blower assemblies, evaporator coils into any room of the home or business, so it is for your benefit that this air is clean, the proper steps are taken to reduce as much growth, humidity, viruses and bacteria as possible which will enhance the air you breathe at work or home

Blower assemblies can be direct drive, belt driven, residential, commercial, single or double assemblies used with a variety or motors and relays attached that are designed to move a certain amount of air at a certain time so it is important to not only keep these parts clean  and optimal but replacing these parts with anything less that their specific HP, size, rotation and design requirements will produce higher electric bills, poor performance, shorted or burnt out motors and headaches

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There is a difference between humid, damp air and crisp, clean cold air with reduced allergies, reduced mold, reduced pollen and reduced bacteria

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