Air Duct Cleaning Port St Lucie

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Are you looking for duct cleaning?

Call Acutemp Air Conditioning Service, let our experts clean all of your ac supply ducts, ac returns and dryers vent systems. Our clients trust our well-experienced, trustworthy, reliable workers to show up on time and we always clean up after ourselves.

Acutemp Air Conditioning specializes in clean, cold air while also being able to provide sinus reduction kits, mold reduction kits, virus reduction kits and odor solutions from pets and smoke

Air Duct Cleaning

The air duct machine we use is a dual HEPA machine, we clean the ducts, cabinets, returns and can install products that reduce allergies, reduce mold, growth, bacteria and viruses. Our company is a family-own business that uses quality products to achieve the best possible experience for our customers

We service both residential and commercial systems making Acutemp ideal for doctor offices, attorneys offices, warehouses, homes and hospitals to ensure your system will work better than ever . Our workers take pride and care in everything they do

Our technicians, products and experience will keep your systems running in optimal condition inside and out

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Cleaning Procedure

We bring our dual HEPA filtered duct machine to your home or business, we hook it up to your duct system and start the process shifting the debris from one area in the duct work towards the machine little by little creating a filtered suction while pulling the debris into the machine

While the machine is working we will inspect your air handler and show you exactly what is going on so you are informed every step of the way and you can see the issues and results first hand

We are prepared to tackle the dirtiest of ducts, cabinets and we can even replace your stands in the garage or closet for your air conditioning system with products that purify and clean the air at the same time preventing all these things from being distributed throughout the entire home or office as they are now

Acutemp Air Conditioning has the knowledge and experience to take on anything ac !

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Clean Start

Acutemp can bring your ac system and filtration system to life with our one hundred percent cleaning starting with the ducts, air handler, evaporator coils, insulation, cabinet growth down to the motor and blower assemblies

The air conditioning system is a cycle that constantly removes heat and humidity and in doing so traps high levels of humidity in the cabinet creating a playground for the growth of mold, bacteria and any viruses that are expelled from the lungs into the ac filter (return) is then sent through the duct work ending up in any room at any given time for the next family member to breathe

Acutemp helps to reduce these viruses, bacteria and growth in the cabinet where it starts so you and your family can focus on life instead of breathing this stuff or spreading the cold from person to person


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