Air Duct Cleaning Port St Lucie


Are you looking for air duct cleaning process, there is only one place to call that is Acu Tem Air Conditioning Service Port St. Lucie. The expert of our company cleans all of your duct and dryers vent systems. Our clients trust us on our well-experienced workers to show up on time. Thus we always clean up after ourselves after we finish the job.

Air Duct Cleaning

The air duct service that we use, we ensure your family is breathing in safe. We clean air with the air cleaning tool of Acu Temp. Our company is a family-own business uses a HEPA air system to clean ducts. We serve both for residential and commercial properties. For sure you will have a good duct system work better than ever after you apply our services. Our workers use electrostatic filters and sponge filters with style frames are also available. It will keep your return ducts in excellent condition.

Cleaning Procedure

First procedure we do with hooking up the HEPA-air system to the plentinum above the air-handler. Either we close vent to create negative air pressure in your ducting system. Thus, we dismantle each grill and clean them. After that, we close off all vents, except for the vent that we start cleaning. Then we use a high-pressure air hose, forward/reverse sweeps through each duct. After that, push the dirt toward the machine.

After that, we use a chemical called Microban, EPA approves to sanitize and deodorize your ducting system. Then, we use a non-fragrant deodorizer. Hence, once we have finished cleaning the ducting system. Then, we can go back through each vent and encapsulate the ductwork with a fogger if needed.


Clean Vent Cover

It is essential to clean your air vent in any air duct cleaning. Our experts remove the vent covers and sanitize with eco-friendly. Also, EPA certified providing a true cleaning of your air duct system and vents.


Importantly, with these services we provide, we give a free estimate for every job we accept. As well as, after we do all the project we give advice to our customer for a few air duct cleaning tips. To assists them keep indoor air fresh every day.