Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning


Make sure you always get your air ducts cleaned! Acutemp air conditioning offers the best air duct cleaning in port st lucie
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If you are in need of air duct cleaning, there is only one company to call, Acutemp Air Conditioning.. Our customers can count on our well experienced technicians to show up on time, explain the process and get to work with the main goal of creating another life long customer which is why we always clean up after ourselves after we finish the job.

Air Duct Cleaning

With our air duct service, we ensure your ducts will be cleaner inside from the duct cleaning methods we use with our HEPA duct cleaning machine. We are a family owned business, we use a HEPA air system to clean ducts for both residential and commercial applications. You will have a good duct system working better than ever after you apply our services and techniques. We use biosponge pleated and bio-sponge sinus reduction filters with style frames that are also available to keep your return ducts in excellent condition.

Procedure for Cleaning

Our procedures start with hooking up the HEPA air system to the duct work, we check for leaks at the air-handler, leaks in the plenum, we evaluate the quality of air through your system and show you, our customer exactly what is going on so you can make the decisions based on honesty

Certain applications require us to close the vents to create negative air pressure in your ducting system and then reopen them again. We can also, upon request, dismantle each grill and clean them during this service. We use a high-pressure Hepa suction that  brings the dirt towards the machine without using beater bars or wands that destroy the inside of the duct work.

In some cases, we will use a chemical called Microban, EPA approved to sanitize and deodorize your ducting system. We use a non-fragrant deodorizer if its an odor related issue so once we have finished cleaning the ducting system you have a cleaner duct system, fresh home and we can also install special UV kits afterwards that reduce mold, reduce mold and viruses or reduce all three, mold, viruses and odors depending on the specific customers needs 

Clean Vents

It is important to clean your ac ducts to help reduce allergens, dust particles and debris from air handler insulation, filter media, debris that makes it by the filter and we can also remove your vents while cleaning the ducts, we can clean your blower assembly and evaporator coils. Our workers remove the vent covers upon request and sanitize them while we are providing your air duct cleaning service. We use a chemical that is eco friendly and EPA certified providing a true cleaning of your air duct system and vents.

In essence, with these services we provide, you will be left with a fresh duct system, easier breathing and peace of mind for you and your loved ones

We give a free estimate for every job we accept, we do our job properly so we can earn your future air conditioning business and confidence

After we complete your project, we give advice to you, our customer, to help you maintain your system in the best condition possible and unlike other companies, Acutemp can provide new, modern products to help keep future expenses  at a minimum

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