Air Conditioning Equipment

All air conditioning equipment will vary in quality, computer boards, motors, amount of relays that are relied upon to make the system run and run properly.

At Acutemp Air Conditioning, we are in the trenches every day, we see how some brands of air conditioning systems increase their quality today, ridding the wave of their reputation to take a short cut in two years to create more profit and we do our best to guide all of our customers into the right ac system for the budget they give us to work with.

We do NOT suggest ac systems with computer boards outside for frogs, lizards and insects to run across, we do NOT suggest new ac systems that cost $10,000.00 or more for features that will never be used wasting our customers money, making crazy changes to walls and closets to handle huge pieces of equipment in some cases that do not deliver the picture painted to them yet some increases in technology are worth the increase in price and should be considered

Energy efficiency starts with the goal of our customer, some customers want the lowest level of humidity available and we can deliver this yet there must be a balance of humidity removal, heat removal and proper filtration with realistic goals in mind, we all want the cleanest air and to only pay $12.00 a month for an electric bill however, that is not realistic or achievable

Air conditioning equipment must be installed properly to retain the manufacturers warranty requiring special refrigeration driers, certain variations of refrigeration lines with the proper amount of air through both pieces of equipment, the right size return to avoid noises and of course air conditioning equipment offers different speeds for even lower humidity levels running longer to remove more humidity while providing more comfort yet these systems remain off longer and require thermostats to handle multiple speeds

Air conditioning equipment manufacturers parts vary in price after the warranty expires so make sure you have an honest, reliable ac company like Acutemp Air that will guide you into the right decision today so you are not paying $1,800.00 for a motor when the same motor in another brand or system would have been $600.00 installed

Typically a single speed air conditioning system is what most people purchase, they have one speed for the inside blower housing, one speed for the compressor that pumps freon outside and one speed for the outside condenser fan motor. These single speed systems are reliable, they are easier to work on, the parts are cheaper than that of a two speed or variable speed systems, they will cool your home if sized properly and if set up with the right equipment, these systems can reduce mold, viruses, bacteria, growth, odor and allergies

Dual, two speed systems cost more, they can run on low speed, slower than a single speed system to remove more humidity, lower electrical bills and create more comfort and a higher temperature than that of the single speed system and require two speed thermostats to work

The difference in one or two speed systems will depend on your exact requirements and expectations in your home or business environment as well as if you want to pay more now and reap the lower electric bills for many years to come or if you are selling the home or business and want a reliable yet budget friendly system paying more for electric

Acutemp Air Conditioning specializes in clean, cold air inside your home or business, we care about your needs and we strive to make every customer happy

Call us for a new ac system evaluation today Toll Free 855-577-COOL 

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