Commercial Service


As your trusted experienced commercial HVAC contractors, we completely understand that the HVAC system in your building has a direct impact on the success of the business. Whether you are in a small retail setting or a large, spread out commercial facility, Acutemp Knows that reliable cooling is essential to maintaining the comfort and productivity of the employees and value to the customer. Therefore, no customer wants to shop in a hot business and studies have definitively shown that employees productivity increases when the atmosphere in the workplace is well maintained at a comfortable and consistent temperature. Moreover, Acutemp employs only highly certified and licensed HVAC technicians who possess the expertise to properly service today’s most complex commercial air handling systems!

Service We Offer For Commercial Areas

> AC Services
Actually, Air Conditioning services ensure a quality atmosphere through maintenance, repairs, and complete AC Installations. Keeping a cool environment for every business in South Florida is the ultimate goal of Acutemp. No service call is too big or too small.

> Refrigeration
In fact, many businesses, refrigeration is their livelihood. Many small business sell cold beverages for profits in South Florida. Some large business run their entire business out of a massive refrigerator. Regardless the size of your business or your refrigeration needs, know that Acutemp is your #1 source for commercial refrigeration repairs.

> Cooling Towers
A Cooling tower is a heat rejection system that will reject heat into the atmosphere using the cooling effect of water to lower the temperature. Acutemp is experience with this large scale AC system.

AC Maintenance
The most important part of AC Units is the bi-annual, or regular, maintenance the factory recommends be finish. Furthermore, a proper maintenance with a unit can last and perform much better for much longer than an AC system that has not have a proper maintenance. Acutemp offers this no-thought maintenance for regular servicing. Call us today to avoid any unplanned service interruptions.