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Anyone that has spent time in Palm Beach County in the summer knows how hot is can get! The abundant sunshine pushes upwards of triple digit sweltering heat. It is without question, quality air conditioning is an absolute necessity for homes and businesses! If you ever had a Broken AC during the summer, you remember how fast you got uncomfortable! It is uber important to have a local trusted professional HVAC repairman by your side. Acutemp specializes in Air Conditioning Repair, commercial HVAC installations, and refrigeration repairman!


AC Repair Near Me

Whether you are in Wellington, Palm Beach, or Deerfield Beach, Acutemp Ac has got you covered. Our friendly office staff is standing by 24/7 to take your Emergency AC Repair calls!

Air Conditioner Repair Costs

The cost to repair air conditioning varies based on the issue discovered during troubleshooting as well as the type of air conditioner you have in your home or business. We guarantee Acutemp price to always be the most competition, and we will beat any written quote, from a reputable contractor. Our service is unmatched.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC service is a strong-point for Acutemp Air Conditioning. We have consistently been top rated commercial HVAC company in West Palm Beach, Fl.

Is your AC Repair an Emergency?

Some of the air conditioning repair issues are obvious, some take a trained eye to troubleshoot. If you feel your AC blows hot air or stops its proper functions altogether, it is time to call Acutemp to fix your AC, depending on the time of year and severity of the situation if its an emergency for you! Some repairs take more experienced trained eye. There are warning signs of a poor and failing AC unit that may need faster response to. AC Repair in Boca Raton can save you money calling sooner than later. Bigger problems arise when small problems are not serviced! Call Acutemp for a fair, honest recommendation!


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Here are some of the AC Service Calls we receive…

(855) 577-2665

Not Pushing Cold Air

Have you noticed you AC is no longer blowing cold air? Especially not as cold as it should be if you have it set to the lowest setting. Obviously you have serious air conditioner repair issues to needs to be addressed by a professional like Acutemp AC! There is several causes of this but most common is a failing compressor and maybe low coolant levels.


Loud and Unusual Noise

Are you experiencing squealing, grinding, or any other loud and obnoxious noises while the AC unit is on? This might be a sign of poor lubrication, damaged bearing or some other form of hardware failure.


HVAC Leaking

Some of the condensation coming off your air conditioning unit is normal, but if it appears that it is indeed leaking, you should promptly call Acutemp for an AC Repair. If there is a water leak, you may indeed have a blocked or worse, broken drain line. Water is then able to pool which can lead to unhealthy mold growth and then corrosion.


Something Smells Funny

Unpleasant, unusual odors coming from the AC unit can smell moldy, musty or even burnt is an immediate sign of mold and mildew growth which must be handled properly by a certified HVAC tech. A burnt smell can indeed be wires or other hardware issues and that could be a hazard to the entire house or property. Call Acutemp to schedule an AC Repair appointment today.


Low Air Flow

Do you believe your air conditioner is pushing out less air? Is it not as cool as you are used to it being? If you have the thermostat set low and your home or business is not cooling off adequately, you might be experiencing a failing compressor. Also, blocked filters can impede on air flow causing the system to struggle to breathe. You should let the professional ac repairman investigate it!


Old Air Conditioning Units

We often get asked the lifespan of AC Units; the answer is about ten to fifteen years if the AC unit has been maintained properly. If the unit is still doing a good job cooling off the property, there is no need to make immediate changes. Just understand, older AC units are without a doubt less efficient and cost you more money in the long run. Sometimes old air conditioning units break at the worst time in the heat of summer! Call Acutemp TODAY!


AC Repair in Stuart, FL

When you have an air conditioner that is about to fail, do not call the cheapest company out there. Most likely it will cost you more in the long run. Our residents in Stuart, FL know that if you need a professional AC repair service that will quickly troubleshoot and correct any issues in your central ac, you have to call ACUTEMP! We arrive on the job, on time, in uniform, well equipped to handle whatever air conditioner repair issues you may have. Any job big or small we are ready to handle the AC Repair!

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