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Summer is the best bonding for every family for fun outdoors with high temperatures. In money ways, Air Conditioning is the most important appliances in demand for a summer season. Before preparing for a long year of Air Conditioning needs, you need to have a very careful inspection performed for worn parts, burnt terminals, freon levels, clean coils and motor amperage . It is very important to take care of your air conditioning system so that it will last longer, work better, and it will help you to maintain a low energy cost. Air Conditioner maintenance is important, it is effective and will serve your needs for a much longer time just like maintenance on your vehicle. When the air conditioner is not working to its potential, its time to have a scheduled maintenance and evaluation. Call the leading Ac Repair  in Palm Beach Today. Acutemp Air Conditioning Repair Company. 

The Trusted AC Repair Company

With a reputable name in South Florida for over thirty years, Acutemp has been in the industry serving Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County and Indian River County. Acutemp is a company trusted in handling Ac Service, Ac Repairs and Ac Installations in residential and commercial offices. 

Acutemp has a team of qualified HVAC mechanical technicians, Acutemp is a prominent business that strives to maintain an honest, dependable, loyal, and high quality reputation in the Air Conditioning industry. Acutemp has a good background in troubleshooting issues, evaluating the cost per repair versus the long term reliability to help reduce your chances of wasted money

Customer Service

Acutemp is the local trusted AC cleaner and Repair company in South Florida certified in Heating Ventilation and Clean cold Air. We commit to the highest level of standards in customer service that creates a long-term relationship with our customers. With a pure dedication in providing a good transparent and effective service in Palm Beach and throughout South Florida, Acutemp's customer service objective is to deliver the highest quality service with the most competitive pricing helping our customers to maintain their Ac systems to last longer which is why we recommend having a minimum of twice a year service in South Florida with our extreme high humidity conditions

Our Objective

The mission of Acutemp is to administer Palm Beach Florida, with the best Ac services properly, the first time, on time and on budget. We definitely take pride in caring for our clients to accomplish top workmanship of highest quality with a wonderful, professional relationship.

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Basically, the advantage of regular maintenance of your air conditioning service is to improve the reliability of your Ac system, keep electrical costs down while improving your comfort and cleaning the air as it runs.

For best results and long lasting reliability, a scheduled maintenance is also essential to make sure the system is working properly throughout the summer and holidays both. It is best to look for an industrial air conditioning service company to maintain the durability of the unit while providing multi-parts discounts for their customers. For a few tips on preventing Ac problems, clean the condenser coils every spring, replace any HVAC air filters that are impacted, check for freon leaks, check for electrical parts that are worn, check for loose contact points or electric connections and repair as needed. Though, it is time consuming, it will save you time and money for the length of the year.

Try our company today for the best offers ever, receive a free service call with any repair, ask about our multiple times a year maintenance discounts so you can coast through the summer and holiday's stress free


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Acutemp AIr Conditioning carries the best brands.