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With different problems to deal with in life at almost every second of the day, it is easy to lose your cool, stress out and feel overwhelmed, what makes it even worse is when your most trusted and counted on air conditioning system suddenly malfunctions especially if you are expecting guests or family!

Can you handle the heat, aggravation and stress by yourself, with a spouse, with your children or with friends over?

If not, you need to have your system maintained properly just like you do with your vehicle, if you don’t have the oil changed in your vehicles motor, the motor burns up right?

 Well, your ac system is no different, if you do not put money into your ac system once in a while cleaning both the condenser and evaporator coils, change all of the little parts as they wear, repair burnt wire terminals, change the filters and other important things, your system WILL break down, its just a matter of when and if you will have friends and family over when it does break down

Considering the outside compressor that pumps freon alone ranges from $1,200.00 upwards to $2,700.00 depending on its size and speed it only makes sense to have us, Acutemp Air Conditioning reduce your chances of high costly repairs, let us check your motor amperage, relay resistances for capacity strengths, blow out your drain lines, change your filters, inspect your air purification system, check your virus / mold reduction systems, your freon pressures, the blower assemblies, inside cabinet for mold / growth and to ensure the insulation is not coming off and about to get caught in the blower assemblies burning the motor up which varies itself in price from $489.00 upwards to $1,692.00 in higher efficient systems.

You don’t have to settle for whichever local ac company is near with a not so satisfying repair service. We know you want the best, you deserve the best and at an honest competitive price which is why we have set our company up for the long road ahead serving South Florida with honest, reliable and local technicians near you

There are so many Ac Repair companies all over South Florida including Port St. Lucie and the main concern by homeowners and commercial business owners alike is finding the most knowledgeable technicians, professional office staff with the most competitive pricing structures, people are tired of having kids out of vocational school experimenting on their ac systems because the company does not want to invest in the experienced, knowledgeable veterans

Perhaps you are tired of hearing various repair promises and yet at the end of the day they appear to be just empty words, the system breaks down multiple times in a month, you have to make sure you are home for the repair again that should have been fixed right the first time and its time to end that same upsetting situation from happening by making the right decision and hiring Acutemp Air

Let us show you how experts handle the job request, let us show you how to save money each year while improving your comfort levels, setting up your system so it actually cleans the air for you and your loved ones to breathe

Whether it is about the common Air Conditioning issues, fluctuating electric bills from older Ac systems with partially worn out parts, sinus issues related to a dirty ac system, winter heating system problems, or worries about the indoor air quality in both residential and commercial office settings, at Acutemp Air Conditioning, we got you covered! There is a good reason why you should demand the best and that is what makes us the prime or rather the #1 choice for AC Repairs as a Port St. Lucie Service Provider!

Call today and experience our professional office staff, our high quality workmanship from our professional and caring technicians with guaranteed satisfying results!

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Acutemp Air Conditioning now offers air duct cleaning services.
Getting your air ducts cleaned, keeping your condenser and evaporator coils cleaned, installing a virus and mold reduction system is the healthiest move you can make for you and the people you care about

What Makes Us the #1 AC Repair Service Provider?

For many decades we have been the leading Port St. Lucie Air Conditioning experts right here in sunny South Florida, we service commercial offices you may work near or visit while also servicing a large residential customer data base by simply listening to what our customers want, taking into consideration their different  specific needs since some people have medical issues relying on their ac systems more than others, staying on top of the best equipment brands as manufacturers change quality, providing our customers with service window time frames with call ahead and always showing up

We have been noted with our unparalleled professionalism and extensive knowledge garnered by our experience in catering to ac repair problems, cleaner air requests and concerns from our many different customers

As the Top Refrigeration and  Air-conditioning Service provider, we always give high regard with the value of our service. We are fueled with incomparable dedication and passion along with integrity and efficient work performance, we have been sought by many and you can actually experience the same with us without having to change companies again. Big or small ac repair issues, we are always ready to be of assistance!

With Acutemp Air Conditioning by your side, you can expect the following through our services:
Say goodbye to terrible out of the norm noises your Ac usually makes
Upgrade the cooling qualities of your Ac with high-efficient parts and new model options

Experience outstanding air conditioning installations, repair service, sinus reduction kits, virus reduction kits and the top maintenance service around!
Exceptional and high-quality range of materials for part replacements.
We use comprehensive methods and techniques along with the latest technology or equipment to be utilized during the repair process.

Heating systems and Commercial HVAC are also included in the  services we provide.
No need to worry about air filtration systems, air purifiers or UV purifiers because we’ll handle them efficiently for you the right way the first time.

Get the chance to choose the best maintenance plans that is ideal to your home, your specific situation and of course to your specific budget! Some customers absolutely refuse to take the chance in a hot humid weekend or holidays and have us do quarterly maintenance four time a year  while others prefer to roll the dice and try two times a year
NO vague talks, NO drama, NO hidden charges. ONLY HONEST SERVICE with the most affordable rates possible!

Don’t let the heat get to you. Keep your cool even when things seem to go downhill. You deserve nothing but the Best Air Conditioning Service in Port St Lucie with a company that also honestly understands what you need and want. So why gamble on a no show company, why experiment with your money ending up with second rate service when you have us? Make an appointment now and call us today to find out how experts do it at Acutemp Air Conditioning!


Acutemp Air Conditioning carries the best brand of air conditioners.
Acutemp AIr Conditioning carries the best brands.