Ac Repair Parkland, Fl

Ac repairs can be inconvenient, expensive and a nightmare OR ac repairs can be a walk in the park, fairly priced and a good feeling it all depends on the ac company you chose

There are many, many parts inside an air conditioning system weather it is one piece, two pieces, straight cool, heat pump or water cooled and the object of the manufacturer is to force you to use their OEM expensive parts when typically we can install after market parts that last just as long and in some cases longer with a much smaller price tag

South Florida ac repairs are in high demand in summer, most companies want to replace the system when if repaired properly, it can last many more years providing reliable comfort to the home or business owner

Ac systems have many variations of electrical parts including high voltage, low voltage, 220 volt, 110 volt with or without multiple speeds

Ac motors are designed to run at a certain amperage on a certain amount of voltage and many things ca impact these motors increasing the amperage causing failure if not caught in time like dirty blower wheels, bent blades or blower wheels, debris stuck to the blades or blowers and the relays connected to the motors

A proper ac repair consists of more than replacing parts, it consists of putting the unit in a big picture, looking at the age of the unit, its parts, the condition of the coils, oil leaking from motors or refrigeration lines, wires old and frayed and many, many more factors to consider otherwise the repair may last but the part on its way out now may cause huge expenses in the future possibly even destruction of coils leaking freon compromising  the expensive compressor

Ac repairs in South Florida are like a gamble of you are not using a company that looks out for your best interest, its in most companies best interest for the unit to break down from a totally different reason after the initial repair is completed costing more money, more time and possibly going an entire weekend without air conditioning which can be avoided by properly analyzing the unit as a whole, making the proper diagnosis, evaluation an then giving this data to the customer letting them make the decision that best fits into their budget, their lives and time frames

All ac systems use several different variations of parts with multiple sizes of relays that are specific to the function of the unit and if these parts sizes are altered the system can run for a while however it will fail and cause even more damage than initially so make sure the ac company you use has the knowledge and experience needed in both residential and commercial

Wire size and length play key rolls in ac repairs as the wires length and size determine how much voltage and amperage can move through the wires that typically connect two parts allowing them to function at peak performance

If you use common sense and an air conditioning company that has the honesty, integrity, experience and proven knowledge you can not go wrong

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