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Acutemp Specializes In AC Repairs, Not Selling You New Air Conditioning Equipment For Thousands Of Dollars Unless It’s Absolutely Necessary.

The Inside Unit Absorbs Heat And The Outside Unit Removes This Heat With The Help Of Coils, Freon, Fans, And Compressors.

Did You Know Almost Every Coil Inside And Outside Made Of Aluminum Cannot Be Soldered Like A Copper Coil And Must Be Replaced?

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Did You Know Not One Air Conditioning Company Carries All Aluminum Coils For Replacement?

They Must Be Ordered, Picked Up And Installed Typically The Next Day Or Longer Depending On The Company And Availability During Peak Summer Leaving You Without Air Conditioning!!!

Also Who Pays For The Pick Up Time, Gas And Overhead Costs?


Aluminum Coils Cost An Estimated Amount Of $1,200.00 Or More Installed Depending On Size, Freon Type And Labor

Copper Coils Can In Most Cases Be Soldered, Your System Charged With Freon And Your Air Conditioning System Back Up And Running Typically In Hours For An Estimated Amount Of $450.00 Or More Depending On Size, Freon Type And Labor.

Acutemp Strongly Suggests Copper Coils When Purchasing New Equipment So Ask Your Contractor What Type Of Coils Are In The Equipment They Are Trying To Sell You, Do Your Own Research And Make Your Own Decision Based On Facts, Common Sense And Knowledge.

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