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As the top-rated Trusted Local AC Installation company in West Palm Beach, as we take the most pride in offering our clients the best customer service possible and the most reliable AC Installation to keep you cool and comfortable in your home during the harsh South Florida summers. If you are upgrading to a new AC system or just ready to leave the fans and window units for the glorious Central AC System, ACUTEMP is here to help with the most cost-effective prices and certified expert advice to choose the right AC system for your needs and budget!

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Your air conditioning bill makes up roughly ⅓ of your utility bill every month! With this kind of monthly expense, you do not want to have your AC broken in the peak of summer! If the efficiency of the AC Unit is poor, the electric bill will be even higher as the AC unit tries to keep up with the demands! When the AC system constantly produces inconsistent temperature fluctuations and fails to keep you house cooled off, your cooling costs are going to skyrocket, and it is definitely time for a brand new AC Install!

Acutemp is a certified RHEEM dealer but we do indeed sell and install all major brands and types of air conditioning systems in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can learn more about our services below including AC Installation, mini-split AC System install, and central air installation.

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Types of AC Systems Installed in Palm Beach

There are several types of AC Systems, they each have advantages as well as disadvantages. Acutemp offers air conditioning installation in and around West Palm Beach to fit all budgets and needs.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning works by cooling the entire house with duct work into each room. A central AC system uses the unit inside home call an air handler, and the unit outside the home called an evaporator coil. The system is supplying the air through the return ducts which is circulated into cool air pushed throughout the home. The central AC is also the best choice for dehumidifying the incoming air. There are two main types of residential central air conditioners: a split system unit and a packaged unit. Split system AC units has an outdside unit with the condenser and a compressor with an indoor cabinet containing the evaporator. The indoor unit may also have a heat pump or older models a furnace. Split system central air installs are generally the most affordable option if the house contains a furnace but no air conditioner.

Ductless Mini Split AC

If the house does not have any ductwork, then a mini split system can offer an extremely cost effective retrofit solution to any home. It is a great option to add air conditioning onto a addition, or renovated room. Like Central AC, a mini split system has indoor air handling unit as wells as an outdoor condenser or compressor. Every room will be cool by its own air handler. This indoor mini split AC unit is mounts on a ceiling or wall. This type of system can be very flexible as the individual zones, or rooms, can be cool independently. Downside is mini split systems can cost more than traditional central air conditioning systems of the same size, if ductwork is already place throughout the home.

Evaporative Coolers

The evaporative coolers, aka swamp coolers, are very popular in hot climates like Palm Beach. Unlike the air conditioners, evaporative coolers work through pulling fresh outdoor air through moist pads. The forced air is cooled through evaporation, which also adds some moisture to the air. Evaporative coolers can definitely reduce the temperature of an outdoors space by almost 30 degress. Swamp coolers indeed are most efficient cooling system with ability to save 75% on cooling cost because only the fan draws electricity! This technology behind evaporative coolers is simple and has a lower purchase price and far less maintenance for our customers!

Choosing the Right Size AC Unit for Your Home

The proper installation and sizing of your AC Unit are two very key elements to determining how efficient your air conditioner is going to be. An AC system that is too large will not remove the humidity from the house and waste energy in the process. A unit that is far too small will not achieve the comfortable cool temperature on a very hot day. Furthermore, improper ductwork installation, lack of insulation, and incorrect unit placement and leveling can also have negative effects on the cooling efficiency.

You can trust your local AC Repairman at Acutemp for all your air conditioning contractor needs! We will help you choose the right air conditioner that is properly sized for your home or business and it will be installed correctly for your effective and efficient cooling needs!



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