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Acutemp Air Conditioning is the leading AC company serving Broward County, Martin County, St. Lucie County & Palm Beach County for over 30 years. Summer is always around the corner and the temperatures can be extreme! When is the last time you had your AC Tune Up? Acutemp recommends service bi-annually and we have an expert team standing by to make you cool off! We are well equipped with certified HVAC Install Team to quickly respond to brand new installs of residential 2-Ton Air Conditioner Units in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Broward to St. Lucie County!

Acutemp AC is your local trusted certified Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company (HVAC) specializing in both residential & commercial AC; Serving West Palm Beach, Florida area for nearly 30 years! Our company handles AC Service, AC Repair, and AC Installation. Acutemp AC team is well managed through qualified HVAC mechanical engineers.


With Acutemp AC, our reputation is our business. We strive to uphold as the most honest, dependable, loyal, and highest quality AC Repair Company! We're experienced in troubleshooting your issues and walking our client through the options of full system replacement. We are committed to the highest level of standards in every aspect of the Air Condition Repair business. Perfect customer services turn into positive long term customer relationships. With an Acutemp AC Install, you will never feel the heat!

Acutemp's team is equipped and able to handle major new construction projects to major remodeling designs to the standard residential 2-ton repair service calls! Our AC Techs at Acutemp  in Boca Raton Fl have services the residents and provided solutions that are resilient to the harsh South Florida climate. We service Palm Beach County as well as parts of Broward County and St. Lucie County. We are a certified, licensed, and insured AC company!

Acutemp AC is 100% dedicated to providing the most transparent and efficient AC Service Palm Beach, FL. As our techs have serviced air conditioners to the residents of Wellington and surrounding cities for two decades now. This on-the-job experience has allowed us to grow into a full service AC Repair Company

Air Conditioning Repair Port St Lucie

Our Services Provided:

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Air Condition Repair
  • Central Air Install
  • 24-Hour Emergency AC Repair

Live Your life To The Coolest with Acutemp AC!

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At ACUTEMP HVAC SERVICES, our goal is to always deliver the highest quality service, customer support, and quality products to our loyal customers located in the West Palm Beach, Fl area. Enjoying quality conditioned air is essential for houses in this area; Cooled environments are healthy and soothing, we have a large elderly population in Palm Beach County. If your in Downtown West Palm Beach high rise or a Wellington rural neighborhood, your comfort indoors is important to Acutemp! We all know that we depend on coming home to your Central AC System when you live in hot South Florida summers. The heat in July can creep on triple digits! You can definitely depend on Acutemp Air Conditioning to always be just a phone call away to maintain and repair the cooling system FAST!


If the HEAT is on you, Call ACUTEMP AC!!!!

We absolutely take great pride in caring for the clients that became great acquaintances through executing top workmanship of highest quality!

Our philosophy is simple, we will deliver West Palm Beach HVAC services completed properly, on time, on budget, the first time! With our methodical approaches, the team of certified AC repairman get the job done right from quote to job completion/inspection. We troubleshoot all situations and supply a written precious solution that will be presented with most affordable price and clear cut communication on the work that needs to be completed. Cooling Repair Boca Raton, FL specializes in fixing all different types of interior cooling systems and is certain we can handle yours!

Call ACUTEMP AIR CONDITIONER today! We guarantee all our services jobs to be completed properly and promise our customers only the highest level of customer satisfaction, No competitor can come close! If you were searching for HVAC Contractor West Palm Beach, FL you have found the quickest, more affordable, clean AC Company then give ACUTEMP AC a call!

Acutemp AC guarantees all of our service jobs and promised our clients the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. If you happen to be searching for HVAC contractor Boca Raton, Fl that provide the quickest, cleanest, more affordable service, give us a call at Acutemp Ac Services. 

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Live Your life To The Coolest with Acutemp AC!

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Air Conditioning Services

The air conditioner unit is one of the most important systems in any home. However, you cannot get maximum benefit from these units unless you maintain them well. Is your air conditioner making gurgling noise? The primary advantage of regular maintenance of your AC service is that it enhances the reliability of these units. Maintaining these units will make sure that they are working properly throughout. We are the speedy air conditioning Port St Lucie. The units should be at the peak of efficiency all the time. Acutemp works on 1.5-ton all the way up to industrial size 50-ton unit; the most common 2-ton ac unit.

What is the Zone Control System

If you don’t clean your heating and conditioning systems on a regular basis, maintained, and tuned up, there are very high chances that the system will not function well. Apart from poor performance, not taking good care of your AC system will also significantly reduce its lifespan. Do you know about dehumidification in ac? It's good to repair any problems with your cooling and heating system as soon as possible in order to enhance the lifespan of these systems. Get your speedy air conditioning repair today! This will also save you a lot in terms of waster energy because your appliances will be functioning efficiently.

Employ professional air conditioning services to fully inspect your HVAC system at least once every year. However, you may be required to do the inspection several times every year depending on how you are using the building. We have all the APCO air purifier reviews for you! For instance, an environment that has a high concentration of dust like a manufacturing plant tends to accumulate dirt very fast and you need to give the HVAC unit special care so as to avoid damage by all means.

How to unstick a reversing value

As you plan for regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you need to start by looking over the maintenance records of the unit from the previous inspections. Trane heat pump reversing valve requires maintenance.  Not regularly scheduling inspections with industrial air condition servicing technicians and poor maintenance is easily detectable, it will cause air handler problems. In case the HVAC past maintenance records indicate that the system has been having problems that you could have prevented through regular maintenance and routine system checkups, you need to prepare a schedule for routine system maintenance. Air conditioner short cycle troubleshooting is what we do for our Port St Lucie residents! Ask about our Tuneup special! AC tuneup allows you to avoid ac short cycling!

One thing that building managers don’t understand is that the lack of regular maintenance can cause the air conditioning system to break down. Make sure you prioritize tune-ups and inspections in your budget as one of the most important preventive measures. You can always call a reliable air conditioning company whenever there is a problem with your repair of appliances. However, you can prevent these problems by maintaining them in the first place before they crop up.

 Port St Lucie Fl for AC Repair

Its good to look for an industrial air conditioning service company to take good care of your unit.  Do you know the temperature in Port St Lucie? This has far-reaching benefits than a person who just invests in the air conditioning unit and leaves it that way.  Hopefully, you have installed an ac dehumidifier!! The dehumidifier air conditioner will most likely prevent furnace rattling! Those people who occupy your building will be able to enjoy healthy and clean indoor air in addition to comfortable room temperature. You will get so many complaints from the people who occupy your building if you don’t employ the right air conditioning services to take care of your building. Building inspection should be top on the priority list for any owner who cares about his or her building. It does not matter whether the air conditioning services are housed in an apartment complex, commercial site, or office building. The owners should always make sure that the occupants of the building are comfortable and happy all day long. Air America Air Conditioning.

Air Duct Cleaning by Acutemp Air Conditioning
Getting your air ducts cleaned by a professional company is the smartest thing a homeowner can do. Call Acutemp TODAY!

Live Your life To The Coolest with Acutemp AC!

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As you shop around for industrial air conditioning services and the right company to maintain your system, make sure you inquire about their company policies and maintenance routines. Do you do heat pump maintenance? Make sure you get your dehumidifier air conditioning maintained every season!! They should be able to detect common issues before they can become more expensive and larger problems. You need to understand the kind of problems that they inspect. Also, confirm whether system cleaning is part of the checkup. The customers should also know whether he will be paying the company employees some form of commissions on replacements or updates. In some cases, you may not have to meet such costs. Reliable companies should always be in a position to provide answers to all these questions.

In case you are seriously searching for air conditioning services within the region, you can be sure that there is a long list of service providers. These brands offer result-oriented and high-quality services that offer maximum protection to their customers. These services are committed to the provision of HVAC, circulation, heating, and ventilation to their customers. The most reputable service providers will make sure that you have hassle-free and guaranteed services. The broad spectrum of services that these companies offer includes cleaning the condenser coils, lubrication of parts, capacitor checking, ductwork installation, and AC installation, replacement, and maintenance.

How do Ductless Air Conditioners work?

Leading AC installation and repair centers provide complete unit maintenance and repair services. The will diagnose your system for possible faults and make valuable recommendations on how to repair them and make the system more energy efficient. These technicians do understand the value of money and time and thus deliver their collective services in a hassle-free and instant manner. They make sure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible and thus saving you energy and money at the same time. These experts will also provide affordable services that will fit into your budget.

Skilled AC services also pay attention to serious mechanical and electrical faults so that they can repair them before the unit gets exhausted. The experts will make sure that you don’t experience any life-threatening and dangerous faults throughout the life of the AC system. Professional AC Service likes to complete the installation or repair tasks within the shortest time possible with very little disruptions to your normal life. AC technicians will help you to make the best use of your air conditioning unit so that you will be able to save energy and keep the environment as carbon-free and green as possible. AC cleaners that are running in an excellent condition tend to consume less energy and will last you for s longer period.

Acutemp Air Conditioning services commercial ac repairs

Live Your life To The Coolest with Acutemp AC!

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Service providers use industry standard equipment and apparatus to fix any problems with your system in a very efficient manner. They will take good care of the fans, evaporator coils, air handlers, heat pumps, filters, condenser, and ductwork among other units. Their primary objective is to enhance the overall efficiency of the system. They will test all the machinery and other essential parts for cleaning and replacement. They always work smart in order to maintain good indoor air quality for healthy and safe living. This will in turn substantially eliminate the challenges of airborne illness among all the people who are living or working on the building.

Has you AC unit Frozen Over?

Experienced air condition service centers provide preventive maintenance plans for all the residents in order to give you an exclusive opportunity of improving the quality of indoor air. Professionals will also schedule air conditioner maintenance and ac repair services. These companies maintain energy rated systems to ensure maximum utilization of resources with very little disruption. The engineers and technicians have a wealth of knowledge that they can use for troubleshooting older and more recent air conditioning system so that you are comfortable throughout the cold and hot seasons.

Commercial Air Condition Service

In case you are experiencing high energy bills or any other problem with your AC system, call us today on and we will help you sort out these problems. Get your dehumidification air conditioner today! Our technicians will help you to maintain your air conditioning unit and reduce the possibilities of high energy costs. We will give you useful tips on how to enhance energy efficiency, enjoy comfortable living even in hot temperatures. And also how to reduce carbon footprints. Try our services today for the best offers ever! We have many reliable partners in other areas for AC Installation!

Acutemp AC Repair Customer Reviews

Pembroke Pines, FL

We won’t pay for emergency service it’s to expensive so I call this company during working hours and they always come through for me, the systems about twelve years old and on its last leg but they always seem to fix it I recommend them for honest repairs

George Goldberg

Cooper City, FL

I have four units in my home and let’s face it south Florida can be a swamp during the summer and this company is like a breath of fresh air always on time and clean cut technicians who know every aspect of ac without trying to sell me new systems Nancie in the office is a doll too.

Patricia R

Palm City, Florida

My ac broke on Sunday night, called Acutemp Monday morning around 830 and Nancie answers of course ha ha she’s a trip very professional gal and actually knows her stuff Acutemp had a repairman out in thirty minutes and my unit was back up and running with a new outside motor but colder than before because of low freon so they go above and beyond Highly recommended them

Charles Tomlinson

Parkland, FL

I work with a real estate company so I’ve seen my share of ac companies and this company is a great find Gary is quick, the prices are very reasonable and not one person I refer complains they all count on Acutemp

B Shefford

Miramar, FL

We have a warranty company for years for all our home needs and they send this company thank goodness Dan is a great technician, he doesn’t talk much but he is aces in our home and we only request Acutemp for our air conditioning needs they are hangs down top notchFlorida’s here and seen them all

Alice Robert

Coconut Creek, Florida

I don’t live in Florida full time, I have a home in Vermont as well and I will say I give this company my garage alarm code for ac maintenance and service, have used them for many years Ask for Dan, Danny or Gary you can’t go wrong and Nancie is a hoot

Melvin Taylor

Coral Springs, FL

Kids are always sick because of schools and this company installed virus protection inside my inside unit for me a few months back and it works great, we’re not as sick and all my ac repairs are always completed on time and they always have the parts can’t ask for much more. Cheers Acutemp

Pablo Rivera

Tamarac, FL

Ac repairs is like rolling the dice and everyone wants to sell new systems except this company. If you want professional service, clean cut honest guys call this Acutemp company and see for yourself. Some times you may have to wait a couple of hours but it’s only because they are busy for a reason

Heath G

Boca Raton, FL

Acutemp use to take care of my brothers air conditioning when they lived in Jupiter so I tried them The office was nice, girl knew more about ac than I do ha ha and the technician was great got my ac fixed while here and gave me a Senior discount nice fellow.

Richard Thomas

Lighthouse Point, FL

This company fixes any problem with air conditioning from huge commercial equipment at my office to my high end house units they installed with virus and mold reduction things they installed Total gem of a company and Danny is always funny if you get him

Ricky Townsend


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ACUTEMP, your trusted partner when it comes to AC repairs


Welcome to Acutemp, your number one AC service provider in West Palm Beach! Whether you are looking for AC repair, HVAC installation, or AC replacement, we have all the solutions possible available for you to choose from. if you are unsure about what to do, you can always ask our HVAC specialists to take a look at your HVAC unit and give you their professional opinion.

If you are looking for services similar to those offered by Service America and other companies in the same field, you’re in the right place. We are experts at repairing and installing HVAC units both in houses and offices.

Commercial premises and residential facilities alike are covered by our services and we work toward expanding our coverage area and the range of services offered in order to serve you better. Call us now to learn more! Read more on Service America


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